Saturday, January 29, 2011

Steinbeck Opening Scene

It isn’t the most stunning room in the world.  The light brown walls and ceiling make the room very warm and welcoming.  There are a few, tiny white spots on the walls from the cheap paint that was used.  A large lofted bed sits on four wooden stilts along the far corner of the walls with its headboard parallel to the shorter side of the rectangular room.  Hanging from the side of the bed is a small rack with a random assortment of clothes dangling from it.  Under the bed is a gray couch and metal shelves.  On the couch is colored pillows that do not fit the color scheme of the room, an unused gym bag, and a worn out school bag.  The shelves are stacked with books, and some dusty old star wars toys.  Across from the bed is a white dresser filled with clothes and a white T.V. on top.  Next to the T.V. is a colorful globe sitting on top of a VCR.  To the right of the white dresser is a lamp.  The lamp has 5 flexible arms extending from the base with a bright bulb at the end of each of them.  The lamp casted many shadows all over the room.  Above the dresser is a clock that seems to stay still as time goes on.   In between the bed and dresser is a desk filled with a large assortment of pens and different materials.  Above the desk is a window with bamboo shutters covering it.  Across from the desk is a closet filled with clothes and shoes.  The whole room is tied together with the dark grey carpet.  On the carpet is a small dog sleeping soundly.   The door is plain white with nothing on it.  As the door knob starts to turn and the door slowly opens, the sleeping dog wakes up and starts barking excitedly.

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